Review of handpicked Picnic tables, each best in their category

Picnic tables are hugely popular. If you’re just starting your search for the best model and type for you, then be prepared. There is an enormous range including tables for kids, for many people or for a few. There are picnic tables which can be left out in the weather at all times, and those which make a lovely piece of indoor furniture. This article gives you details of what’s available. It makes recommendations and describes important features and information. Take your time and draw up a list of the things which are important to you. Choose wisely to make sure your picnic table stands the test of time. And make sure you enjoy your picnics.

Best picnic table for adults

The Lifetime 6 foot Folding Picnic Table is the table for you. It can comfortably sit 8 adults and has the dimensions and security to make your picnic a hit. Set it up in your own backyard or take it with you. Putting your picnic table together is simple and straightforward and despite its solid frame and components, it is relatively light and easy to transport. When storing it in your garage or under the house, it is 6 foot by 4 foot 10”. It is easy to store and lightweight. So while it is super strong, it is easy to carry and store.

This table is made using a high density polyethylene material and this material has heaps of benefits. It’s a soda to clean and maintain. There is a special UV protection which makes it resistant to the weather and to cracking, pealing, and warping. The makers give you a two year written guarantee so confident are they in the quality of their product.

How many times have you headed off to the beach or the hills and found a terrific picnic spot but the place is crowded? There are no picnic tables available. Well, worry no more. You have your own picnic table – seating 8 comfortably – in your vehicle. It takes only a few minutes to set up the table and there you are.

When you first receive your table, the instructions and tools required are all provided. This is a simple and short process. Your Lifetime 6 foot Folding Picnic Table has a standard umbrella hole to make your setting complete. The benches are 9 inches wide and the table can take a total weight of up to 1,000 pounds. All in all, this is a strong and all-purpose picnic table which can serve you and your family for many years.

Best picnic table for kids

So you want to enjoy a picnic with your kids and you want to have it in your own backyard. That’s easy with the Lifetime Kids’ Picnic Table. It’s the perfect table for that type of event. It’s well made from a high density polyethylene material, it’s less than a metre high and has lots of benefits. To start with it will seat four children in comfortable fashion, it’s easy to transport, to move around, and it’s extremely durable. And not to forget it looks great. Kids can be pretty fussy when it comes to the appearance of their toys, clothes and room. This Lifetime Kids’ Picnic Table not only works a treat, it also looks a treat. Your kids will love to picnic.

The tabletop has a special UV protection as do the benches, (the seats) which make them resistant to wear. In the outdoors with the hot sun you’ll be pleased to know that this material will not chip or crack or peel and is resistant to stains and is super easy to clean. The manufacturers are so confident of their product that they give you a two year manufacturer warranty.

Let’s say you want to take the kids for a picnic away from home. Well this Lifetime Kids’ Picnic Table will fold flat, meaning you can pop it in your car and transport it very easily. The table and all its component parts are delivered flat. The instructions are simple and, don’t worry, you can easily put the table together with the basic tools provided. Have kids who like to picnic? No problem with this little winner. And remember, it can be used indoors as well as outside.

Best foldable picnic table

Office Star Resin 3-Piece Folding Bench and Table Set, 2 Benches and 6 x 2.5-Feet Table This picnic table comes highly recommended for many reasons, the first being it comes in three pieces. But yes it folds and easily at that. Carrying too is no problem. It comes with straps so you simply pick up and go. It’s big but no way is it awkward. It’s terrific for a picnic with a large group at home in the yard, on the decking or at the beach or by a river. You can take it with you. This is a jumbo size table for a jumbo size gathering.

Do you have a big group on your picnics? Do you have a birthday party outdoors? This foldable table can comfortably seat about 6 kids (8 year olds) on either side so that’s one busy picnic table. You get a 6 foot folding table and two matching benches. And they all look great as well.

It’s heavy-duty material throughout giving stability and security. The table top is flat with no slopes for food and drink to go on a holiday. It’s light grey and powder grey in color so it’s eye catching too.

The materials are scratch and impact-resistant and stain proof and ideal for being used outdoors. Busy picnickers and inclement weather won’t win. Naturally it folds flat for storage. It’s a cinch to assemble and to transport. Cleaning is a breeze and maintenance is low-key. It keeps its shape and condition for years and has hosted many picnics. If you’re looking for size and durability, this picnic table ticks all the right boxes.

Best wooden picnic table

This quality unit – The Bowman Wood Outdoor Picnic Table – is so good looking you could use it solely as an indoor table where it looks like it belongs. It is a beautifully made wooden table with two benches. You can easily sit three adults on each side. Some people buy an extra chair or chairs and so can sit eight for their picnic. Of course it is designed to be used outdoors so for all those picnics it’s the ideal picnic table. Not many people think of a picnic table as their first choice for a dining table. But this is so good you will seriously consider it to go inside – permanently. It’s not often a picnic table can be described as an indoor piece of furniture.

The materials are acacia wood (strong, good-looking and long-lasting) with iron frames in the colors of black and brown. Now this table comes as a package and some simple assembly is required. But all the items and tools and instructions are provided and only basic skills are required. Once you put this table together, you will see why it is so popular. Friends coming for a picnic will be super impressed with your furniture. Just make sure the food and drink maintain the standard!

The Bowman Wood Outdoor Picnic Table with its striking wooden table and benches can easily become a focal point at your place. Even indoors it looks great but with its own spot in your garden or yard, it looks stylish and provides a truly functional piece of furniture. The table and benches come with a folding steel frame making it easy to erect or store depending on your location and the weather. Summer barbecues with your Bowman wooded table are perfect.

Best metal picnic table

Now we come to the Big Daddy of picnic tables in terms of permanence. It’s the Global Industrial 46″ Expanded Metal Round Picnic Table, Blue. It looks striking and adds value to your property and makes a great selling point if your place ever comes on the market. People looking at your garden have to be impressed by this impressive piece of outdoor furniture.

It’s made of a heavy-gauge metal mesh so long life for the table is a given. But comfort is provided in the form of a thermoplastic covering on both the table and benches. It’s not cold but rather super comfortable. And the edges of the bench and table are smoothed or bevelled for your safety. Top quality metalwork craftsmanship has gone into its construction.

Of course there is a hole in the centre of the table making it perfect to place the umbrella of your choice providing protection for the people having their picnic.

Once you put this table together it’s pretty much set and forget. It can be left out in all weathers if you like. It stands the test of time. Sure, there is a bit of assembly work to put it together but nothing complicated. Buyers reckon the secret is to NOT over tighten the screws. You often get tips from people who have purchased a particular table. Their advice can be invaluable.

It works well as a picnic table with anywhere from 2 to 6 people enjoying it. And if one of more of those folks are a little on the large size, do not worry. This table packs plenty of muscle. Many customers, who place this table permanently in their yard in all weathers, do a spot of annual maintenance using a power hose. They give it a decent burst and once again it looks good and provides your picnic base for another 12 months.

Best kids picnic table with umbrella

Yes, it’s for little ones to enjoy but parents and grandparents always get a real kick out of seeing their youngsters enjoying a picnic on a Step2 Sit and Play Kids Picnic Table With Umbrella. Assembly of the materials is a breeze. Yes it’s small (for small people) but it’s also strong and sturdy and long lasting.
There are so many benefits with this winner of a picnic table. It’s light and portable. The umbrella is easily removed. The whole unit can be folded and stored in a small space with next to no effort. It works as both an indoor and an outdoor table. On a sunny day, set it up outside and up to four young children can have a great time outdoors. On a not-so-nice day, remove the umbrella, bring the table inside and the kids can have their picnic indoors. It’s so versatile.

The size and dimensions are perfect for toddlers, for all pre-schoolers. They love it. It doesn’t fold but rather snaps apart easily making it ideal to be stored. The umbrella does not slope but stands straight and sits just above the heads of the kids having their picnic. If you have little ones, set up their own table beside the big one for the grown-ups. They kids love enjoying their own picnic next to their folks.

What to look for when buying a picnic table

So you’re thinking about buying a picnic table. What things should you look out for? What’s good advice to make sure you get the right type of table that best suits your needs and is a good buy in terms of value?

Well, to start with there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. The first deals with the people who will use the picnic table. If you’re only thinking of adults or only thinking of little children, then straightaway, your choices are limited. Don’t waste time looking at tables which, as good as they may be, are not suited to your specific needs. Who will be sitting at your picnic table?  Know that information before you begin your search. A little bit of preparation can save you time and money in the long run.

Know too that you should let your fingers do the walking. The smart way to shop these days is online. Rather than drive all over town hoping to find what you like, go window shopping on your tablet, computer or even your phone. Of course you can pop into a store but with such a range of picnic tables available, why not narrow your choice first? Understand that there many picnic tables available today from many online retailers. You can find and purchase your ideal picnic table without ever leaving home. Delivery is so often an option. Think about it.

What size table should you purchase? Well again this gets back to your diners. A large family who has a picnic at home or on the road on a regular basis will need one with plenty of seats. There are tables with benches which mean 12 people can sit at the same table. And of course there are smaller tables as well. So know the main users of your table.

Do you have a preference for the material? Picnic tables can be wooden, or made from metals or from high density polyethylene material. Does the appearance of your picnic table matter so much that you want a certain type of material? Will your picnic table live outdoors permanently? If so then you need to place longevity and weather resistance as a high priority in your search. Sort out your preferences to help find the perfect table for you.

Will you pack up your table on a regular basis? Will you take it indoors after each picnic? Will you pop it in the car and go for a picnic away from your home? This could mean storing it after use or taking it on the road or both. If you are going to pack it up on a regular basis then consider how portable a table you buy. Regular packing and unpacking means portability is important in your choice.

And finally, price. The old adage that you get what you pay for nearly always applies. Just because something looks great, and comes with an attractive price tag, doesn’t mean it will do what you want. Take a good hard look at the value aspect of your picnic table. How long has it been on the market? How popular is it? And if all that doesn’t persuade you, ask around. Do your friends or neighbors have a picnic table they highly recommend? That could be your best bet.

Happy picnics.

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